About Us

About us

A global leader in development & manufacturing

Global Integrated Manufacturer (GIM) is a professional cosmetics manufacturer located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our development and manufacturing facility are an established leader in the cosmetics industry in Malaysia.

We are highly accredited leading cosmetic manufacturer in Malaysia. We stand by the value “High Quality Diminishes All Else”. We understand that creating a leading brand in the cosmetic industry today requieres exceptional focus.

Therefore, it is our company’s capital mission to provide the most pristinely new cutting-edge formulations in all our product lines.

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Makeup Brands
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To be the trusted customer centric beauty product manufacture of choice.


1. To be a leading beauty product manufacturer.

2. We specializes in developing exclusive and high demand formulation through cutting edge R&D.

3. We provide end-to-end service unique to customer’s needs.

4. We strive to add value to the Halal Industry by empowering it through the development of Halal beauty entrepreneurs.

Development & Global Marketing

OEM Innovations applies endless commitment and devotion into continuous R&D innovation and technology to provide our customers with the finest products and services, through its ceaseless investment in all areas of R&D including, laboratory facilities, cutting edge development and global marketing of all products produced and formulated.


OEM & Private Label Manufacturer

Our company, GIM Global Integrated Manufacturer Sdn Bhd, a Bumiputra owned company is an OEM and private label manufacturer in cosmetics and skincare located in Cheras, Shah Alam & Kuala Lumpur.

GIM offers Cosmetics, Skincare and Healthcare Suplement product manufactured onsitein Malaysia that have undergone many hoursof lab testing and approve Halal KKM & JAKIM.

GIM Cosmetics, Skincare and Supplement provide end to end private label OEM service from consultation to formulation to testing, to manufacturing finish goods anda HALAL certifications that allow companies quicky and effectively launch brand extension and ease manufacturing constraints.

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Norazimah Abd Jalil

Global Integrated Manufacturer (GIM) Cosmetic

“At GIM Cosmetic, we recognize beauty in every pristine moment in life. It is our honour to capture these moments and share it with our beauty-lovers with a heart of gold”.

Azizi Mohd

Global Integrated Manufacturer (GIM) Cosmetic

“We aspire to be the most trusted partner in manifesting our customers dreams with their exciting cosmetic ventures for exotic women all around the globe”.